Hakkı Burak Okumuş



A passionate and hardworking developer committed to design and implement efficient, clean and high quality work. Continuously asks questions about systems to figure out how to improve things further

Software Engineer

  • Birthday: 11 Oct 1998
  • Location: Bucharest, Romania
  • Degree: Bilkent University Computer Engineering
  • Email: burakokumus98@gmail.com
  • Email 2: info@hakkiburakokumus.com
  • Website: www.hakkiburakokumus.com

Professional Experience

Software Development Engineer

Jan 2023 - Present

Amazon - Bucharest, Romania

  • Started working with Just Walk Out, Physical Stores team in Bucharest, which got terminated soon after, due to the mass layoffs in Amazon.

Software Engineer

Jul 2021 - Oct 2022

Vacuumlabs - Remote, Slovakia

  • Developed the backend of Galgal, which is a mobile banking app for India with target audience of 400 million users, as a team of 4 engineers. Using the best practices for maximum scalability and optimization
  • Used Technologies: Clojure, GraphQL, PostgreSQL on top of AWS services such as EC2, Cloudwatch, S3 and CI/CD using Github Actions and Terraform

Fullstack Developer

Nov 2020 - Apr 2021

Happyfit - Remote, Part Time

  • Designed a patient tracking system for nutritionists to help them organize information about their patients such as diet programs, exercise plans, body measurements etc. Using layered architecture with ASP .NET and RESTful APIs in backend, HTML, CSS and Javascript for frontend.

Software Intern

Aug 2020 - Sep 2020

Jotform - Ankara, Turkey

  • Implemented a real-time web extension to the Jotform Support forum that displays previous similar questions to the user as they type using Python libraries Tensorflow, Pandas, Sklearn and integrating the real-time predictions into the support website using Flask and React JS.

Software Intern

Jun 2019 - Aug 2019

Ekinoks Software - Ankara, Turkey

  • Implemented a full stack app using Java Spring Boot, React JS and MySQL that allows developers to keep track of each other's work on collaborative projects and makes it easier to sustain and develop existing software projects.



Oct 2020 - May 2021
  • Implemented a video conferencing service specifically designed for educational needs of both students and instructors as Senior Design Project. It includes the general characteristics of a video conferencing application as well as an online TA that improves the quality of the communication between instructor and students, and other complementary features such as simultaneous note-taking and slide-sharing. Used Angular for frontend, JWT for authentication, Flask for backend, PostgreSQL for database management and WebRTC for real-time communication.
  • Used Celery as a task queue, and Redis as the message broker
  • Backend is deployed to Google Kubernetes Engine into many Dockerized microservices
  • Done extensive load-tests with Locust
  • Demo


Jan - May 2021
  • Implemented a url shortener specifically designed for scalability as the term project of . Used Java Spring Boot for the implementation of the microservices in the backend, and deployed them into their own Dockerized containers in Google Kubernetes Engine to be able to scale them individually.
  • Done extensive load-tests with Locust

New York Times Crossword Solver

Sep - Dec 2020
  • Implemented a program that automatically downloads and solves the daily mini crossword puzzle of New York Times in Python as the term project of Cloud Computing and Mobile Applications course. The program uses Selenium for retreiving the puzzle grid and official solution, and PyQt5 to display both the official solution and the result of the solver.

Social Betting Platform

Feb - Jun 2020
  • Built a Social Betting Platform for football and tennis matches that has multiple user types with different permissions, as well as a fully functional login system as the term project of Database Systems course. Users can create slips for upcoming games, write comments for games, and interact with other users by adding friends, sending messages etc. Used React JS for frontend, Node JS for backend and MySQL for database management system.

Seven Wonders - Gods and Heroes

Sep - Dec 2019
  • Developed the digital version of the board game Seven Wonders as the term project of Object-Oriented Software Engineering course. Written detailed analysis and design reports during the implementation as in the requirements. Used Visual Paradigm to draw all the diagrams during the process, Java for the backend, and Java FX for the GUI.

Graduate Data Fetcher

Mar - Jun 2017

Ege University - İzmir, Turkey

  • Designed and developed a program in Java that fetches information about the careers of graduates of Ege University Computer Engineering Department from online career sites. Analyzed and plotted the retrieved data using Python libraries Matplotlib and Pandas.




Experience with frameworks React and Node.js, with JavaScript and TypeScript



Experience with libraries Tensorflow, Pandas, Sklearn



Functional Programming experience with Clojure


Relational Database Management Systems

Experience with PostgreSQL and MySQL


Amazon Web Services

Experience with ECS, S3, DynamoDB, Cloudwatch



Experience with CI/CD on Github Actions and CircleCI



Bucharest, Romania